3 Tips on Searching for Local Service Businesses

3 Tips On Searching For Local Businesses on Google 1

When looking for local businesses, Google is a great place to find locally relevant businesses.  Throughout this post we will go over the different things you should be looking for when you search for a service business.


Tip #1 : Get specific with your search

Google tries to best serve its customers by delivering them with the most useful and relevant content. You can help Google by using more specific search terms.

For this example, we will be looking for window cleaning services. The most effective way is to search for the service you’re looking for plus your location. [desired service+location] Depending on where you’re located in Ottawa you can use search terms like these: window cleaning Ottawa, window cleaning Orleans, window cleaning Nepean etc… 

3 Tips On Searching For Local Businesses on Google 2

Tip #2 : Understand the different types of results

When you search for window cleaning Ottawa there will be 3 different types of results on the page:
1. Google Ads Listings
2. Map-Pack Listings
3. Organic Listings

The first image on the right is an example of a Google Ad listing. These ads appear at the top of the page as well the bottom of the page.

On the bottom right we have an image of the Map Pack search result for window cleaning Ottawa. When it comes to the Map Pack, Google has made the location of the user and the closest businesses to that search the main factor for which businesses appear. This is usually a good thing, however sometimes you may get some businesses with poor reviews just because of their proximity to you.

For that reason, it is a good idea to click the on the business name in the Map Pack to take a look at their Google My Business profile. If a customer were to click on the Peak Property Window Cleaning profile they would be able to see the customer reviews, website, services offered, contact info etc..

Google My Business is a great way to learn more about a business that you’re thinking of hiring. Check out our blog post on Google My Business here to be able to fully utilize this great tool.

3 Tips On Searching For Local Businesses on Google 3
3 Tips On Searching For Local Businesses on Google 4
3 Tips On Searching For Local Businesses on Google 5

Directly below the Map Pack section you will find the organic listings. These sites and pages get shown in the organic listings because Google deems them to be the most relevant content that will deliver the best user experience for your search [window cleaning Ottawa].

Tip #3: Checking for Reviews

One of the most effective ways to find a reputable contractor or business is to check out their reviews. The easiest way to find the businesses reviews is through the Map Pack listings. You are able to see how many Google reviews they have and their star ranking.  Click the video below to see how a potential customer could look at Peak Property’s reviews through the Map Pack. 



No matter which way you prefer to use Google’s search engine, it will be a big help to you when trying to find a local business. Google search will grab your location and deliver you with a variety of results about your search, hopefully this post will help you work through those results and finding a great local business in the future. Happy Google-ing!


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