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Window cleaning is a great way to make your home sparkle. Our team is ready to get window cleaning off of your to-do list.  When you call Peak Property for your window cleaning needs, we respect your home and your time, working efficiently and effectively to clean your windows. 

We offer exterior window cleaning as well as interior and exterior window cleaning. We have different packages for any style of home and for what you’re looking to have cleaned. You can find out more information on our window cleaning process below.  

Peak Property helps you get your windows cleaned and our goal is to deliver an experience that makes it easy for you to book. Let us help you get back to enjoying your home and space!

commonly asked questions for window cleaning in Ottawa

Our two main window cleaning methods are traditional window cleaning with a mop and squeegee and water fed pole window cleaning. We use a combination of the cleaning methods during most cleans.

The traditional window cleaning method starts with using our mops to wet the window with our window cleaning solution and agitating the dirt off the glass by moving the mop around on the surface. Once the glass has been wet we now remove the window cleaning solution (soap and water) with our rubber squeegees. Using a squeegee to remove the solution gives us way better results compared to wiping the windows off a cloth or towel. The traditional method is used for all of our interior window cleaning. 

The water fed pole window cleaning method is done by using a brush and purified water. We start by hooking up to the exterior water tap and the water then goes through our purification system. We then use the purified water and our brushes to agitate the dirt off of the windows. The final step with water fed pole window cleaning is to rinse the glass with the purified water which dries spot free. 

Our trained technicians know when to use which cleaning method to effectively and safely clean all residential windows. 

Please give us a call or send us a message to receive a window cleaning quote. You can pick a time that works best for you and our team will communicate with you throughout the entire quoting process. We are proud to serve the Ottawa area and look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, we clean window tracks as part of our Ultimate Window Cleaning Package.

For casement windows and sliding windows we crank the window open and start with brushing the heavy debris away. We then use a spray bottle and towels to clean the rest of the window track.

Yes, we clean all types of window screens. Our Ultimate Window Cleaning Package includes a wet wash screen with our Xero Screen Cleaner. 

Our Premium and Basic packages include a wipe down of the window screens.

Yes, we have the equipment to clean all residential windows in a safe and effective way no matter the height of the windows.

No, you do not need to be home. If you aren’t going to be home, we just ask that you close all the windows are closed and the exterior water tap is turned on. 

We have different window cleaning packages depending on what your home needs. 

Here is a look at our most popular packages: 

Ultimate Window Cleaning

  • All windows cleaned
  • Interior and exterior screens wet washed, scrubbed and dried
  • Window frames and window sills cleaned
  • Window tracks cleaned

Premium Window Cleaning

  • Interior and exterior windows, frames and sills cleaned
  • Interior and exterior screens dusted

Basic Window Cleaning

  • Exterior windows and sills cleaned
  • Exterior screens dusted

Yes, we clean interior windows. We have two different interior and exterior window cleaning packages. We have the Ultimate Package and the Premium Package.

When we clean interior windows, we clean the glass as well as the frames and sills. Depending on which package you select, we also offer track and wet wash screen cleaning. 

A water fed pole used for window cleaning is made up of an expandable pole, a specialized cleaning brush head and a purification system. There is a hose that runs inside the pole which supplies the purified water to the window through the pencil jets that are in the brush head.  

Our window cleaning technicians use the combination of the brush and purified water to clean the windows.

The Cleaning Process

The first step with water fed pole window cleaning is to wet the glass and loosen all the dirt and debris from the window by using a combination of the brush and water. Once the dirt and debris has been removed the final step is to rinse the pane of glass off with the purified water. The purified water is free of minerals and deposits so the window will dry spot free and sparkling clean.


Yes, for our window cleaning service we do hook up to the client’s water supply. 

The ground around many residential homes can be very sloped and dangerous to mount tall ladders in the area. 

We utilize our water fed pole window cleaning method high windows and skylights. By doing so we do not put our technicians at risk by using ladders in improper positions.

Dirt particles can build up on your windows and window sills. Mould can start to grow which can be a health hazard over time. If the air in your home seems stagnant, it could be a good indication that you should clean the air. A window cleaning can help with that!  

Hard water deposits and dirt particles can enter the pores of the glass. Which contaminates and corrodes the glass on the windows. Cleaning your windows regularly can help prevent major damage. Our professional window cleaning technicians have the know-how to use the best window cleaning products for the job. 

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window cleaning in action

Here is one of our technicians cleaning the exterior of a window at an Ottawa area home.  This method is referred to as traditional window cleaning with a mop and squeegee. 

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basic package

  • Exterior windows and sills cleaned
  • Exterior screens dusted

premium package

  • Interior and exterior windows, frames and sills cleaned
  • Interior and exterior screens dusted

ultimate package

  • All windows cleaned
  • Interior and exterior screens wet washed, scrubbed and dried
  • Window frames and window sills cleaned
  • Window tracks cleaned

steps in our ultimate window cleaning package process

Step 1

Our team will start your window cleaning by doing some prep work. We will protect your property by moving any furniture near windows so we can complete the cleaning without damaging any of your belongings.


Step 2

We will then get started by removing your window screens and begin to clean the window tracks. Once the screens have been removed from the home the technician that is working on the outside of the home will start wet washing the screens. 

Step 3

Our technicians will now begin to loosen and remove the dirt from the interior and exterior glass with various window cleaning methods.

Step 4

Once the windows have been cleaned and inspected our team will replace the cleaned screens and clean up the surrounding area by vacuuming the interior areas and replacing the furniture. 


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