Get to Know Us.

Who we are.

Peak Property is a leading window cleaning company in Ottawa. Over the past 10 years, our founder Ryan Cochrane has been learning everything he can about small business. 
Where we started. Where we are. Where we want to go. 
Peak Property began in 2009 as a local lawn care company in Russell, Ontario. Over the course of 6 years, we provided services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the community.As we continuously strive to learn and grow, based on the demands of homeowners in our communities, we recognized a need to offer quality exterior home cleaning services. In 2015 Peak Property expanded into Ottawa focusing on window cleaning service, as well as siding and gutter cleaning and rejuvenation.

The goal of Peak Property continues to be to grow based on the needs of our customers, as we look to maintain and improve the appearance and lifespan of their homes. Today, Peak Property continues to serve its customers in Russell, as well as those in Ottawa and surrounding areas.
We look forward to being a local business you can trust. 

Our Mission

Peak Property is determined to change the way home owners think about service businesses.​​

Our Promise

We promise to deliver a crisp and connected experience.